Quotation Module for B2B Ecommerce

news | Jul 12, 2022

When operating B2B ecommerce, some products do not have fixed pricing or certain customers will place orders using quotations. With SwiftCloud's Quotation Module, your customers can now request quotes on selected products. Incorporating quotations in to your B2B ecommerce platform.

Customers can build an order as usual using the simple SwiftCloud interface. However, rather than check out as usual, the customer can request a quote.
Once the quote has been requested, the supplier can update and edit the quoted price.
Quotes will then be sent directly back to the customer for rejection or approval, before the order is processed.

The best in Wholesale App development and Ecommerce

The SwiftCloud app has proven to be a resounding success within the B2B sector, so much so that the module line up has now expanded significantly to six ordering solutions being available, including the SwiftCloud Desktop Portal and the SwiftCloud Sales Manager app.

Now boasting a client list of over 200 companies throughout the UK and beyond (including household names like Staedtler, Pukka Pies, AG BARR, and Pipers Crisps), The number 1 Wholesale app has become the go-to B2B ordering solution trusted by prestigious businesses and brands alike.

SwiftCloud currently partners with a range of ERP suppliers, Wholesale Groups and B2B technology experts, including Merlin Software Solutions, a leading supplier of B2B software and Unitas Wholesale Ltd. The buying group formed from the merger of Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale. It is now the largest wholesale services company of its kind in the UK with buying power exceeding £8.5bn and includes the largest network of independent cash & carry wholesalers and delivered wholesalers in the UK.

Interested in SwiftCloud's Quotation Module? Current customers contact your Customer Success Manager. Prospective clients drop sales@swiftcloud.co.uk an email.

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