SwiftCloud and Squaretalk combine to elevate B2B ecommerce

news | Jul 25, 2023

SwiftCloud are excited to partner with Squaretalk, a global provider of cloud communication software for contact centres.

The strategic partnership combines Squaretalk's advanced cloud communication with our very own ecommerce platform, enabling businesses to streamline their ordering processes, ensuring a seamless customer experience in a cloud based telephony environment, catapulting businesses in to the new age of B2B ecommerce.

This strategic alliance combines Squaretalk's advanced cloud communication platform with our powerful B2B ecommerce platform, enabling B2B businesses to streamline their ordering processes resulting in a more efficient and productive operation in their call centres.

The rapidly changing B2B landscape has a created significant shift in the way customers place orders. The majority of businesses are now opting to offer their customers an opportunity to place orders digitally, coinciding with the change in consumer behaviour.

Squaretalk's cloud contact centre platform gives robust capabilities for managing both inbound and outbound calls, driving efficiency and productivity in business communication. Squaretalk's inbound management tools ensure that all incoming calls are routed effectively, reducing customer wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience. Their outbound call features provides customers with advanced dialing features, including predictive and auto-dialing, to accelerate the calling process, improve connect rates, and boost sales productivity.

You can find out more about Squaretalk here.

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