SwiftCloud launch their first ever Multi-Supplier App

news | Sep 28, 2023

SwiftCloud have launched their first ever multi-supplier app for the British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) on its ecommerce platform.

The multi-supplier app, which is also a first for Bira, will offer Bira customers the opportunity to shop from multiple suppliers within its membership in one location, including STAX, Draper Tools, LG Harris and many others.

Established in 1899, Bira is the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK and works with over 6,000 independent businesses of all sizes.

Our CEO, James Clarkson, said: “This was a really ambitious project for us and I am thrilled with the results that our team has produced.

“We have had incredible success creating single shop apps for our clients but our work with Bira heralds a new era of opportunity for us, allowing us to offer a B2B ecommerce experience that combines a range of suppliers and offering that seamlessly to the customer despite the administrative complexities.”

Jeff Moody, Bira’s commercial director, said: “We have already onboarded our largest brands to the SwiftCloud portal, covering DIY, hardware, housewares and cookware with brands such as Toolstream, Dulux, JVL, Dexam, Eddingtons and many other household names.

“We’re adding brands monthly and have already had over 450 members register on the portal. Having the ability to have the full Bira family under one roof for our members to shop from will be invaluable and help to showcase the variety and quality of Bira suppliers.”

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